JO & E/W Nationals Coaches Notice

Understand that clubs need to change the coach roster for JO’s or East/West. 
Meet Reservations have been opened for JO National and East/West Championships.  Club Administrators may log on and make changes for COACHES ONLY until Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 5:00pm EST.  You MAY NOT modify athlete rosters.

Link to instructions:

USA Gymnastics Women’s JO Program Director
132 E. Washington Street, Suite 700
Indianapolis, IN 46204

L7 & L8 Rules Input Requested from Pro Members

Below is a link to a VERY SHORT JOC survey regarding Level 7 and 8 vaulting.
These are items that will be up for continued discussion at our May JOC meeting. I really appreciate feedback from our regional community so that I can best represent you on these items. There are only 2 questions on the survey, and room for comments for suggestions.

Thank you so much!!
Linda Johnson
Region 7 JOCC
USA Gymnastics
Cell:  (443) 569-9412

9 & 10 Regional Update

Hello everyone-
Attached you will find the schedule for Level 9 and 10 regionals and the most updated rosters for Level 9 and 10 regional qualifiers.
Many thanks to World Class, our regional committee and clubs for all you help and support in getting this out.  These are our largest numbers ever, and we are ready for an incredible regional meet!!
If there are any changes or scratches to the rosters, please contact myself and Debbie LeMoal.
Linda Johnson:
Debbie LeMoal:
The event draw will be published later this week.  I will also be publishing very important regional and national announcements later in the week.  It is our hope, that by getting this information to you in advance, it will help you prepare your athletes, and we can shorten the coaches’ meetings at regionals.  Stay tuned!!
Happy Easter, Happy Spring!!
Linda Johnson
Region 7 JOCC
USA Gymnastics
Cell:  (443) 569-9412

9 & 10 Regional Rosters

To Level 9 and 10 Clubs:
Attached are Level 9 and 10 Regional Qualifier Rosters with age groups.  This includes the latest petitions.  I have also attached the age group divisions by birthdate that was sent from the national office.  Please verify that all of your athletes are listed, and are in the correct age groups. If you have any changes, please notify Debbie LeMoal (World Class) and Linda Johnson (RJOCC) by Friday midnight.
Debbie LeMoal:
Linda Johnson:
Please remember that any athlete who competes in the wrong age group at regionals is ineligible for qualification to nationals.  We are taking this extra step to avoid this!  And we will need accurate numbers to finalize the regional meet schedule.
We anticipate finalizing and posting the regional meet schedule on Saturday.
Thank you for your help, support and patience!  And props to our clubs for our highest numbers of qualifiers to date!!
Linda Johnson – Region 7 JOCC, USA Gymnastics, Cell:  (443) 569-9412,