Meet Monica Servidio – 2017 Graduating Senior

Monica Servidio
is a Level 10 athlete training at Action Gymnastics where she is coached by Magdalena During, Tatiana Tcheremnykh and Val Tcheremnykh.
She resides in Howell , NJ with her parent’s John and Carol.
In the fall, Monica plans to attend Temple University to study Speech Therapy .

Academic Achievements:
Peer Leader
Honors Program

Gymnastics Achievements:
Level 4 state champion
Level 5 State Champion
level 6 Bar champion
record set on bars
Level 9 National Qualifier
Level 10 Regional Qualifier

Words of Wisdom:
You don’t always get what you wish for you get what you work for! Work hard and have fun doing it!

4 States 2017 – Results

Level 4 States were hosted by Giant Gymnastics in Parsippany on February 12th.

Congrats to the 2017 Team Champions – Atlantic Coast Gymnastics with a new State Team Record 115.750.

46 Clubs participated and 9 New State Records were set.

Well done everyone!

115.750  Atlantic Coast
114.725 Bright Stars
114.575 EnVision
114.350 US Gym II
114.150 ENA Paramus
113.225 Head Over Heels

Team Results
Individual Results

Meet Danielle Liska – 2017 Graduating Senior

Danielle Liska is a Level 10 athlete training at North Stars Gymnastics where she is coached by Tony Gehman and Ashley Umberger.
She resides in Roxbury, NJ with her parent’s Gordon and Jeannie Liska.
In the fall, Danielle plans to attend University New Hampshire.

Academic Achievements:
Honor Roll
French National Honors Society

Gymnastics Achievements:
3 Time Level 10 Regional Qualifier
2013 NIT Qualifier
2 Time Level 9 Regional Qualifier
Level 9 Floor State Champion
Commitment to University of New Hampshire gymnastics team

Words of Wisdom:
“When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you or you can let it strengthen you.” – Dr. Seuss

Digital Code of Points Notice

The digital version of the Jr. Olympic Code of Points has been updated.
January 2017—Version 2.7
VAULT—Chapter 3
Corrected 4.303 description as RO FF On, Back Tuck 1/1 for both L9 and L10 Vault Charts—the “1/1” was hidden in the cell and was not showing.

Meet Kylie Kratchwell – 2017 Graduating Senior

Kylie Kratchwell is a Level 10 athlete training at Will-Moor Gymnastics where she is coached by Kim, Jeanne, Kevin, Shawn, Luke and John.
She resides in Washington Township, NJ with her parent’s Loretta and Chuck.
In the fall, Kylie plans to attend University New Hampshire to major in Education.

Academic Achievements:
Principals list
Honor Roll throughout the four years of high school

Gymnastics Achievements:
Level 8 State Team Champion
Level 8 Regional Team Champion
2 time level 9 Regional Qualifier
4 time level 10 Regional Qualifier
2014-2015 Level 10 National Team Qualifier
2014-2015 Level 10 National 5th place on Beam
2014-2015 Level 10 National 2nd place Team
2015-2016 Level 10 National Team qualifier
Committed on full Athletic scholarship to University of New Hampshire

Words of Wisdom:
Hard things are put in our way not to stop us, but to call out our courage and strength!

Meet Yolanda Nodarse – 2017 Graduating Senior

Yolanda Nodarse is a Level 10 athlete training at North Stars Gymnastics where she is coached by Tony Gehman and Ashley Umberger.
She resides in Pompton Plains, NJ with her parent’s Robert and Annette.
In the fall, Yolanda plans to attend West Chester University to study Graphic Design.

Academic Achievements:
Honor Roll

Gymnastics Achievements:
Level 8 State Beam Record
Level 9 NJ State: Beam Champion and 2nd AA
Level 9 Regional: AA, Bars & Beam Champion
Two Time Level 9 Eastern National Qualifier
Level 9 Eastern National: Bars & Beam Champion
Level 10 Regional Qualifier
Scholarship to West Chester University

Words of Wisdom:
“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Springboard Rules Clarification

Dear USA Gymnastics Leaders,

It was brought to my attention that there has been a misinterpretation of the rule regarding the number of springs allowed/required in the spring board.  I have discussed this issue with the National Technical Chair as well as the National Xcel Chair and we all agree with the explanation below:

The statement listed in the Rules and Polices (below) is quite accurate; however, there have been others who have not interpreted it in the way it was written.

  1. 55 (Xcel chapter) and P. 91 (JO chapter)

“All Meet Directors must arrange to have boards that accommodate gymnasts of varying weight.  Any boards brought in to a competition must be assigned to an event and must be available to all gymnasts in that session for warm-up and competition.  The following 3-4 spring configurations for the springboard have been approved and may be utilized in USA Gymnastics sanctioned competitions:”

Here are the two issues which have arisen:

  1. Interpretation that the board must ONLY be used with 3 or 4 springs and some judges have informed the coaches they must take out additional springs to ONLY have 3 or 4 springs and that using more than 3 or 4 springs is a deduction.  Please refer people to the following sentence:    ”…springboard have been approved and may be utilized in USA Gymnastics sanctioned competitions.”  It does not say MUST be utilized in that manner.
  2. Coaches do not want to take the back springs out of the board to accommodate the illustrations in the Rules and Policies.  Only the 3 illustrations for a 3-4 spring board are allowed for the use of 3 or 4 springs in a springboard.  The coach is not allowed to come up with a different configuration that suits his/her needs.  This would result in a deduction of  0.30that will be taken for using incorrect apparatus specifications. (P. 7 of the Code of Points)

Thank you in advance for assisting in passing along the correct interpretation of this rule.

Tom Koll, NJOCC, Cheryl Hamilton, NTCC, Claudia Kretschmer, NXCC

Meet Rose Hollywood – 2017 Graduating Senior

Rose Hollywood is a Level 9 athlete training at Atlantic Coast Gymnastics where she is coached by Joe and Dar.
She resides in Deptford, NJ with her parent’s Lisa and Joseph Hollywood.
In the fall, Rose plans to enlist in the U.S. Army to enter the Military Police field.

Academic Achievements:
Honor roll all years of high school
Company Commander for NJROTC unit
NAHS for last 3 years

Gymnastics Achievements:
2 place AA, 3 bars, 4 floor and beam at USAIGC World Championships 2014 Switched to USAG 2015
Level 8 team USAG state champs 2016
Never thought of making it to level 9 because of a injury last year

Words of Wisdom:
Tough days are the best. shows you who is tougher, the day or you. Never give up not matter what.

Meet Mackenzie Sobieski – 2017 Graduating Senior

Mackenzie Sobieski is a Level 10 athlete training at Atlantic Coast Gymnastics where she is coached by Joe Catrambone and Dar Blank.
She resides in Logan Township, NJ with her parent’s Robin and John.
In the fall, Mackenzie plans on attending college to study Psychology.

Gymnastics Achievements:
2016 Level 9 Beam State Champion & Level 9 AA 2nd place
Level 9 Regional qualifier
Level 9 Eastern national qualifier
Level 9 Eastern National 8th place AA

Words of Wisdom:
“Anything is possible if you just believe.”

Meet LeAnn Drum – 2017 Graduating Senior

LeAnn Drum is a Level 9 athlete training at Paragon Gymnastics where she is coached by Randy Pendergast and Rachael Rosenthal.
She resides in Montvale, NJ with her parent’s Don and Patty Drum.
In the fall, LeAnn plans on attending college to study International Relations.

Academic Achievements:
AP Scholar
National Honors Society
Spanish Naational Honors Society

Gymnastics Achievements:
Level 9 State Qualifier
Level 8 Regional Qualifier

Words of Wisdom:
“Nothing worth having comes easy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Meet Rachel Kaplan – 2017 Graduating Senior

Rachel Kalan is a Level 10 athlete training at North Stars Gymnastics where she is coached by Tony Gehman and Ashley Umberger.
She resides in Franklin Lakes, NJ with her parent’s Alexandra and Michael Kaplan.
In the fall, Rachel plans on attending University of Washington.

Gymnastics Achievements:
Two time level 9 eastern national qualifier
Level 9 state champion AA
First place on floor at 2013 Eastern National Championships
2016 Level 10 JO national qualifer
2016 AA Champion at Christmas on the Chesapeake
Spot on the University of Washington Gymnastics Team

Words of Wisdom:
“Dream big, accept the challenge, and never look back.” – Alicia Sacramone