National Champions 2015

GO-NJBig Congrats to Rachael Lukacs, North Stars Jr C Division, 2015 Jr Olympic (Level 10) National Champion in the All Around 38.375 and 1st on Vault 9.90; and there’s more, Alicia Boren, North Stars Sr D Division, 2015 Jr Olympic National All Around Champion 38.80 and 1st on Vault 9.90.

Rachael’s Vault

Alicia’s Vault

JO National Results HERE
Top 3 routines on each event/each division from the 2015 JO Nationals HERE

Wishing Alicia a great career at the University of Florida.


Coaching Position Available

Gymland School of Gymnastics, home of Arena Gymnastics Team, is looking to hire team coaches.
Our teams continue to grow as they train in our, 25,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility, located near Princeton and only one hour from New York City, Philadelphia, and the Jersey Shore.
Coaching positions are full-time and may include some recreational class teaching. Salary is based upon experience. Benefits include medical insurance, dental insurance, and paid vacations.
Please visit our websites: (team website) and (business website).
Interested coaches should e-mail resumes to: with a subject heading of “team coach.”

Ice is Nice – Use Correctly

IceDr Larry G Nassar (USA Gymnastics National Medical Coordinator) discusses the proper use of ice as an injury therapy.

Ice is nice but it needs to be done properly and as part of a therapy regimen. Just like so many other things, it can be overused. It is one of the most commonly applied therapies but it is also one of the most poorly understood therapies too.

I agree that inflammation is needed. However, the body can also “over do it” too. Too much of a good thing makes it bad. So controlled inflammation is the key. Too much bleeding is not good, too much inflammation is not good, too much ice is not good, too much…. Get the point.

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Xcel States 2015 – Results

XcelStates2015-BronzeSilverGoldPlatinum-WEBXcel State Championships were hosted by Jersey Shore Gymnastics on 2/3 May 2105.

Congratulations to everyone for your performance in New Jersey’s first Xcel State Championship.

State Championship Teams for each Level:
Bronze – Giant Sparta 111.825
Silver – Twilight 113.450
Gold – La Gymnastique 111.725
Platinum – La Gymnastique 112.550
Diamond – Giant Inc 70.250

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2 States 2015 – Results

2015-2States-Team_WEBLevel 2 State Championships were hosted by Jersey Shore Gymnastics on 2/3 May 2105.

Congratulations to Atlantic Coast Gymnastics – 2015 Level 2 State Champions with a 114.150.

1  114.150 Atlantic Coast
2  112.100 US Gym Center II
3  111.150 ENA Paramus
4  107.800 Jersey Shore
5  104.050 Rebound

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5 States 2015 – Results

5States2015-TeamChamps_WEBLevel 5 State Championships were hosted by Star Bound Gymnastics on 25/26 April 2105.

Congratulations to Atlantic Coast Gymnastics – 2015 Level 5 State Champions with a 114.750.

1  114.750 Atlantic Coast
2  113.700 Premier
3  113.400 MG Elite
4  111.825 Twilight
5  111.550 Champions United
6  111.400 Arena

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