Future USAG-NJ Compulsory Clinic

A USAG-NJ Compulsory Clinic is on the Schedule for 20/21 August 2016, mark your Calendars.

Saturday – Coaches’ Clinic
Sunday – Gymnast’s Training Camp

Master Clinician – Tom Koll, JO Program Chairman
Site – TBA

2016 AT&T American Cup Info

This is the latest up-date on the Nastia Liukin / American Cup Prudential Center. Please note the attachment,  seating with price range,  an incentive program for all clubs etc.

I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jason Taub and I work at Prudential Center. We have recently announced the 2016 AT&T Cup in March. I know your gym has shown interest in the past about gymnastics events and wanted to pass along information on the event. We are hosting a select a seat event ran by Nastia Liukin! All you need to do to come to this event is put down a deposit for 25 seats ($1 per seat). This will put you on our priority list for seating. If you have any questions please let me know. Otherwise let me know when I can give you a call to go over all information.

National Meet Hotel Block

Region 7 Hotel Block for 2016 JO Nationals:  Craig Zappa has arranged the following hotel block for 2016 JO Nationals. I strongly suggest that you consider making hotel arrangements early, then canceling any rooms you do not need after regionals. Finding hotel rooms close to the venue is very difficult after regionals.

Region 7
Start date: 5/5/16
End date: 5/9/16
Last day to book: 4/14/16

Marriott hotel(s) offering your special group rate:
The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel for 169.00 USD per night
Book your group rate for Ena Gymnastics- Zappa Region 7
Go HERE to Register Online

Rule Clarification – Mount Mat Use

LawBookA question came up at the USAG-NJ State Clinic last weekend regarding the use of a Mount Mat and/or a Board on top an 8″ Skill Cushion for mounting the apparatus.

Answer – Mount Mat only allowed on 8″ Skill Cushion for Levels 1-5 only.

11. Clarification to page 88 H.4.d. and H.4.e. in the R&P:
d. At Levels 1-5, the mount mat (not a board) may be placed on an 8” skill cushion for the purpose of mounting.
e. At levels 6-10, the board (or mount mat) MAY NOT be placed on an 8” skill cushion for the purpose of mounting.

Temporary USAG-NJ SACC Appointed

Due to health reasons, Brant Lutska, USAG-NJ SACC, is taking a temporary leave of absence from his position.
Brant requested the appointment of Dave Rettig as the interim SACC and the State Committee has approved this appointment.
Please send all requests, questions and concerns to Dave at djrettig@cs.com. Always include Brant at saccnj@gmail.com in communications as Dave will discuss all situations with him.

Good Sportsmanship from the Stands

4 Ways To Practice Good Sportsmanship From The Stands from Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive®

Good sportsmanship happens both on the field and in the stands. As a parent and a fan, you play an important role in establishing and maintaining good sportsmanship. Be a role model for your child by setting the tone of good sportsmanship before, during, and after the game.

See the 4 Ways you can practice good sportsmanship from the stands.