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2013-2014 Member Updates Membership and Educational Renewal Reminder: Professional and Instructor membership expiration dates now align with the athletic competitive season. Therefore, most professional memberships expired on 7.31.13. Any new or renewing safety and background check certification will have the 7.31 expiration date.

U100/Instructor Certification does not expire nor need be renewed. Members can renew safety certification 1 year prior to expiration date Members can renew background check certification 6 months prior to expiration date. Posting Schedule: As a reference, below is the schedule to which online payments and certifications will appear on an individuals membership record. Membership and Educational Payments: -24 business hrs. (payments placed Friday-Sunday will post the following Monday) Background Check Certifications -24 business hrs. (results received Friday-Sunday will post the following Monday) Safety and U100 Certifications: -Monday-Wednesday-Friday (courses completed Friday-Sunday will post the following Monday) Online Level Changes Club administrators now have the ability to update levels online via their athlete roster without contacting Member Services. In addition, Women, Men and T&T has had some slight changes to their level structures. Women’s: Xcel divisions-Bronze, Sliver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond Men’s: Now include levels 1-3, and Levels 8-10 are no longer listed by age group T&T: Due to the complexity of the T&T levels, you will notice that we no longer indicate an actual trampoline level. Therefore, when T&T level will only be listed as T&T discipline Member Club USA Gymnastics will no longer be offering the Registered Business membership. Moving forward we will only be offering the Member Club membership. In addition, we are aligning all Member Club expiration dates with the 7.31 model. Membership Verification Function USA Gymnastics has a new tool that will assist both meet directors and club administrators in the process of meet registration. The new membership verification functionality will provide club administrators a tool to assign coaches and athletes to sanctioned competitions. While, providing meet directors a sense of ease that those assigned to their meets have had their memberships verified through USA Gymnastics. Click here to view an online “how to guide” or visit and click on “member updates” and select the New Membership Verification link. U100 Fundamentals of Instruction Coaching Requirement On August 1, 2013, U100 certification became a requirement for all professional member acting in a coaching capacity at a sanctioned competition. There are a variety of ways that both state/regional chairman, club administrators, meet directors and individual members can verify the U100 certification online. Click here to find out how.

USA Gymnastics Clubs Care and We Care Campaign Promoting a safe gymnastics environment is a top priority for USA Gymnastics, and we continue to take steps to help educate coaches, parents and gymnasts about safety. Last year USA Gymnastics began the Clubs Care/We Care Campaign as a vehicle to educate both coaches, parents and staff on this most important issue. Clubs Care Campaign On a monthly basis the Clubs Care Campaign will deliver information, strategies, templates, toolkits, checklists, action steps, posters, etc., directly to gymnastics clubs through a variety of avenues, including email, Technique magazine, Clubs Care website and the U.S. Postal Service. Clubs can use these materials to develop or refine policies and procedures geared toward eliminating the opportunity for inappropriate behavior or sexual misconduct to occur. We Care Campaign An educational program designed specifically for parents and concerned adults that focuses on establishing and maintaining a safe gymnastics environment. We encourage all members, especially state and regional chairman to take a moment to review website to review the important information regarding both campaigns.

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