Note from the RTC on Saluting

Region 7

The following note was received from our Regional Technical Director concerning competitiors Saluting to the Judge prior to the end of their routine.

Since our state meets are coming up which involve all levels, lets try and remember the following clarification.

After a fall, the gymnast should
NOT salute the judge.  Although this may be a protocol in other sports, it is NOT something that should occur in Womens’ gymnastics.  If this occurs toward the end of a routine, a judge may think the routine is over. When this happens, the judge may be working on the score rather than looking up.

This was covered in our minutes a number of years ago.  Maybe it needs to be restated since some coaches are still recommending that their gymnasts salute at an inappropriate time.  A gymnast needs to salute the judge at the END of her routine -ONLY!!!

Let’s get this word out prior to our state meets.

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