JO Vault Height Correction

The R&P has been corrected regarding the vault height….

II. Vault A. Specifications: 
1. Junior Olympic Program: The vaulting table is required for Levels 4-10. The maximum vaulting table height is 135 cm (+ 1 cm). If using a vault table with two uprights, both must be set at the same height. The height is determined by measuring the distance from the floor to the center top of the vault table.

a. The center top of the vault table is determined by measuring 68 cm from the back of the vault table. Tape of any kind, including athletic tape, may NOT be placed on top of the table at any time during warm-up or competition. 

b. If the vault runway is on a raised platform, the vault table must also be placed on a raised surface of the same height and the measurement of the vault table should be taken from the runway surface to the center top of the vault table, rather than from the floor. 

c. All manufactured models of the vault table (including “retro-fit” tables that are inserted into the uprights of the old horse) are allowed for competition, provided that they are capable of being adjusted to the various height specifications allowed for Junior Olympic athletes. Matting must be used to cover the upright of the vault table as well as to cover any weights placed on the vault base for stability. 

d. Levels 4-5: All age divisions may use the vault table at any manufacturer setting. Levels 6-10: All age divisions may use the vault table at any height; however, the height must be within a minimum of 115 cm (+ 1 cm) and a maximum of 135 cm (+ 1 cm). Levels 6 and 7 – vault height minimum is 115 cm., maximum is 135 cm. 

Note: 0.3 Deduction if below 115cm

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