IES Rules for Level 9 & 10 States

IES rules for Level 9 and 10 States 

If an athlete competes as an all-arounder, and then decides to become an IES, it will be allowed if done prior to the State qualifying date.  Should a gymnasts injure herself where she can not do all four events prior to the State Meet a notification to the SACC with an explanation must be submitted for approval.

  1.  I.E.S. qualifying scores to States : 8.9
  2.  Qualification to Level 9 and 10 Regionals as an IES is 9.0 at the State Meet.
  3.  Petition to Level 9 and 10 regionals as an IES is a 9.2 – All paperwork must be included.
  4.  May change declaration to All Around (AA) during the season, if done prior to the individual’s

State qualifying date. If moving back to All Around status a gymnast must qualify by regular All Around

  1.  IES may not qualify to the Eastern National or the JO Nationals.

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