“Hello World” – Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to USA Gymnastics – New Jersey, the Home of Women’s Artistic Gymnastics in New Jersey.

This site is generated with WordPress, which allows us to give you news in a Web Log (Blog) format.¬†Posts are saved by published date and category for your convenience. For example, to view all the 2010 Graduating Seniors, just hit the “Graduating Seniors” link at the top, right side or bottom of the page and all the Senior posts will come up. Same concept for viewing just Meet Scores, just hit a “Scores” link.

Meet Schedules, State Board Members, Ads, Club Directory, State Records & State Handbook can be found on page right & bottom under USAG-NJ Info. Several Forms have been supplied for use by USAG Professional/Instructor Members under the USAG-NJ Forms heading on page right & bottom. Graduating Seniors may use the Senior Bio Form for submitting your information for posting.

Scores from past years States are in the process of being archived and will be available on this site in the near future.

Since this site is meant to present information only, we will not be accepting “comments” like a normal blog. USAG Professional/Instructor Members can contact us at any time. Non-Members should contact their Club Owner or Club Coach with questions and/or comments.

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