#GymAgain Video Campaign

Good afternoon,

If you have not yet received the below information, please see below for the different options that clubs can make the #GymAgain video more personable to help engage their communities.  An additional note from our New Media department:

We received many “We Miss You” videos from coaches, clubs, judges and more.  Though we only used snippets of a few of those in the video, the full versions are being posted to our Instagram and Facebook stories.  Be sure to check those out.  They are great examples of the amazing and caring people who work every day to make this sport and this community as great as it is.  We’ll continue to upload more in the coming days.  Special thanks to everyone who contributed. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or Erica, if you have any questions.


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Dear Member Clubs, 
USA Gymnastics has created a video to reach out to our athletes and community, to let them know we miss them and share our excitement at the idea of getting back in the gym called #GymAgain. 

We would like to encourage our Member Clubs to join in the #GymAgain campaign by sharing a version of the video with their gymnastics families. There are 4 sharing options available. These options range from simply sharing on the clubs own social media channels to more advanced options, that allow clubs to personalize the message to their gymnastics club community.  

1. Share our version of the video (no editing required)USA Gymnastics has posted the video on our Facebook and Instagram platforms. Feel free to share or repost the video to your own channels. Additionally, you can download the video here if you would like to upload it to your own platforms rather than share. 

2. Download and post USA Gymnastics’ edited version of the video (no editing required).In the USA Gymnastics edited version of the video (which you can download here), we have removed the middle portion – meaning there are no people speaking.   

3. Tag your own message and/or logo to the general version (basic video editing required).If you have video editing capabilities, you may add your own personal message to the end of the video and tag it with your club logo, This will make the video more personal to your athletes. 

4. Mimic the USA Gymnastics version (basic video editing required)If you do have video editing capabilities and would like to mimic the USA Gymnastics version by putting a special message from your club, in the middle of the video, please follow the steps below: Step 1: Download the video sections here. There are 2 files: Beginning and Ending.    Step 2: In your video editing program or app, insert the Beginning, insert your message in the middle section, then add the Ending. You can still tag the end with your own logo.   Step 3: For those who are more advanced with video editing, there is a folder, click here to access, called Middle Music, where you can find music selections that would match perfectly under your own message. 

Regardless of which option you choose, we ask that you include #GymAgain in the text of your post to spread this positive messaging. Lastly, USA Gymnastics appreciates and commends the clubs owners and coaches for the innovative and proactive ways you have remained connected to your athletes and gymnastics families during these unprecedented times.  USA Gymnastics hopes this campaign provides club owners and coaches an additional tool to complement their existing community outreach efforts. 

Please continue to stay safe and healthy until we all can #GymAgain!   USA Gymnastics

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