9/10 Regional Rosters


1.  Are your athletes listed in the correct age division and level?  Please remember if they compete in the wrong age division, the scores do not count.

2.  If your athlete is an IES, are the events they are competing in listed correctly.

3.  If your athlete is a graduating Senior – is it noted?

**Please note:  We plan to post a schedule by the end of the day Thursday March 21, 2019.  You can plan for Level 10’s to be Thurs/Fri and Level 9’s to be Fri/Sat/Sun.

Coaches, if any of these items are incorrect or need updating, please email Jen Bortz and Rex Lacy immediately at:  

 JBortz7rac@gmail.com and Rlacy726@gmail.com
Jennifer Bortz/Region 7RACC/Cell:  814-380-1195

9 Regional Championships Roster
10 Regional Championships Roster

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