2012-2014 USAG-NJ State Board Announced

The 2012-2014 USAG-NJ State Board has been announced after recent elections.

State Administrative Committee Chairman: Dave Rettig
Clinic Coordinator Chairman: Terry Veit Harmening
Rules, Policies & Ethics Chairman: Chrystal Chollet-Norton
Awards Chairman: Randy Pendergast
Certifications Chairman: Ellen Kovac
Meet Directors Representative: Cheryl Gambuti
Club Owners Representative: Craig Zappa
Meet Directors Representative: Cheryl GambutiCoaches & Judges Education Representative: Brant LuskaGymnast Education: Barbara Kelly
Optional Coaches Representative: Jason Bauer
Compulsory Coaches Representative: Todd Weiss
Judges Representative: Leslie McPeek
TOP’s Program Representative: Diane Farrell
Copetitions Chairman: Patty Strickland (Non-voting)
Secretary/Treasurer: Bill Psiuk (Non-voting)


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