USAG Rules Interpretation

LawRegional Technical Director answers Questions about Mounting Beam:

p. 88, 4a states: At levels 1-5 any manufactured mats, skill cushions, or padded spotting/ skill blocks may be used for mounting purposes.

In 4d it states: At levels 4-10, the board (or mount mat) may not be placed on an 8″ skill cushion for the purposes of mounting.

Does that mean that levels 1-3 can use the mount mat on top of an 8″ skill cushion for the mount, whereas the other levels cannot?
Yes,  We are interpreting as such.

2.  If they use two 4- 41/2″ mats, they are allowed to put another 4″ for a total of @12″ and still use a board But, they cannot use one 4 1/2 in and add an 8″ skill cushion which also totals @12″.  So does that mean that it’s the composition of the 8″ mat that you do not want a board on versus 12″ of matting, since both combinations of mats still equal 12 inches?

You can use the two 4 1/2 inchers plus and additional 4 1/2 incher plus a board for mounting although we typically don’t see this.  You cannot use an 8 incher over the 4 1/2 incher.  We believe this originally was because the JO committee felt that the board would tear the comparatively soft surface of the 8 inch skill cushion.

3. So is it true that all levels 1-10 can use one 4 1/2″ landing mat plus two 4″ mats and put a board or mount mat on top of that mat combination for mounting purposes?

Yes, although, again we typically don’t see this. Page 88 #4.

Meet Host Reminder

Reminder, all Clubs hosting Meets:
Send a copy of the Sanction Report form and a Check made payable to Region VII for the Regional Competition Fee of $2.00 per gymnast competing in your meet within 48 hours to:

Donna Guenther, Region VII
155 Philmont Avenue, 
Feasterville, PA 19053
Tel (215) 364-7379   Fax (215)364-7878

Lynn Perrott Passing

We regret to inform you that Lynn Perrott, our Region 7 Chairman of many years, passed away yesterday shortly after entering hospice care.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

Letter from Linda & Myra for those of you who knew Lynn

An invitation to join Lynn’s family and friends for a night of remembrance.
Come bring stories and memories to share.

Date: Friday January 2, 2015
Time: 6-8pm
Place: FCF World Outreach, 9306 Winands Road, Owings Mills, MD 21117
Jan 2, info is on the regional web site also. I will e-mail all.

Lynn Perrott Update & Region 7 Admin Changes

Our Regional Chairman, Lynn Perrott, has re-started extensive treatment for cancer.  Our positive thoughts and prayers go out to Lynn and her family at this time.  You may read Linda Johnson’s (JOCC) letter HERE.

Temporary Region 7 Administrative changes follow:  While Administrative business is not a priority right now in our hearts and minds, we (the Regional Committee) feel it is important to proactively set an interim plan in motion so that Lynn can focus on her recovery.  Until further notice, please use the following points of contact for regional business:

Financial:  Please send competition fees (with sanction, no scores needed), invoices and any other financial business to Donna Guenther, SAC PA.  Checks should be payable to “USAG Region 7″. Donna’s  address is 155 Philmont Avenue, Feasterville, PA 19053

Administrative (Regional or National):  Should be directed to Steve Garman, SAC VA at

As always, we will work together as a committee to respond to any issues or concerns.

Thank you all for your support and understanding during this time.

Linda J.
Linda Johnson
Region 7 JOCC

High Performance Camp Deadline

Registration Deadline for High Performance Training Camp, September 19-21 at Woodward, is August 22nd.

All camp and registration information, and liability waivers, can be found on the Region 7 Website:
A reminder that only athletes who were eligible to compete at 2014 Easterns, NIT or JO Nationals are eligible for this camp.  All athletes must be accompanied by a coach.
Linda Johnson
Region 7 JOCC


Danny Warbutton

WarbuttonDannyWe regret to announce the passing of Danny Warbutton and send our condolences to his wife Sue and his two boys Bobby and Steven.

Danny Warbutton is a Hall of Fame gymnastics coach, originally from Pennsylvania. He is the original owner of the Gym Dandys, which he founded in 1976 in Washington, Pennsylvania. Danny coached for over 35 years, before he semi-retired to Myrtle Beach, NC.

USAG Press Release
Gym Dandy’s Web Page


Region 7 High Performance Training Camp Info

Region 7
Region 7

Registration for the 10th Annual High Performance Training Camp scheduled for September 19-21, 2014 at Woodward is now open.
Camp and registration information is attached.  Eligible athletes include athletes who were eligible to compete at 2014 JO Nationals, NIT or Easterns.  All athletes must be accompanied by a coach.  All participants must bring a completed liability waiver (attached).  For minors, these forms must be completed by a parent/legal guardian.  Page 2 (medical history) is not required.

This year’s team building fundraiser will raise money for the American Cancer Society to continue our “Region 7 Strong” campaign in honor of our Region 7 members courageously battling cancer. Clubs and individuals are invited to join the fundraising challenge (information attached)!!

Confirmed clubs will be posted on the Region 7 website.

The registration deadline is August 22nd.  No refunds after this deadline.  All participants must be pre-verified–please complete all fields on the registration form.  Note:  jacket styles and sizing (coaches) for men and women are different.  Please refer to the attached sizing information and be sure to specify men’s vs. women’s on all jacket orders.  Additional orders for jackets ($40.00 per jacket) may be included on the registration form.  Links for additional orders will be available after the camp on the Region 7 website.

Linda Johnson
Region 7 JOCC

Camp Info:
Fact Sheet
Camp Jacket
Medical Form