2012-2013 USAG Season Updates

Information for the 2012-2013 Competitive USAG Season has been published.

USAG Rules & Policies for 2012-2013
UPDATED 8/21/12 – A correction has been made to the Apparatus chapter under Vault (page 67):
Jr. Olympic: A hand placement mat may be placed on the runway (but not on the board) ONLY for vaults that require placing the hands on the runway in front of the board (Round-off or Front handspring entry.)
The hand placement mat must be manufactured by a gymnastics equipment company and cannot exceed 2 inches in height.
No other type matting is allowed.
Women’s Professional members may request a bound copy of the Women’s R&P from Member Services via the ONLINE REQUEST FORM. Fill out the required information on the linked form and then click the button at the bottom to submit your request for the copy of 2012-2013 Women’s Rules and Policies. You can also print out this form and mail it to: USA Gymnastics Member Services, 132 E. Washington St., Ste. 700, Indianapolis, IN, 46204.

Women’s Administration Committee Minutes from from May 13, 2012
Includes: Elections, Rules & Policies, Financial Issues, Miscellaneous

Joint Jr. Olympic/Technical Committee minutes from May 14, 2012
Includes: NAWJC, Compulsory Program, Process for Evaluating and Naming a New Element, Technical Concerns on All Four Apparatus, General Technical Issues, Rules & Policies Changes, Member Services Report, Xcel Program, 2013-17 Optional Program

Women’s Junior Olympic Committee minutes from May 15, 2012
Includes: Junior Olympic National Program of the Year, Equipment Discussions, Miscellaneous Update, Future J.O. Championships Sites

Women’s International Elite Committee minutes from June 9, 2012
Includes: National Qualifiers 2013, 2013 Rules Changes, Committee Structure for Pipeline, Training Camp Invites

USAG Women’s Code of Points Updates

USAG Technical Materials Store